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ASP ref: ASP869

Name: Magic

Species: African Grey Parrot

Description: Magic is still under assessment but here is what I know about him so far.
Magic is approx 30 years young. He loves food, he eats chop like it’s going to be stolen from him haha. Loves pellets, he is eating Hagen Topican high performance and seems to really enjoy them. He does also like a bit of lean and fit mixed into his cooked veggies too.
He isn’t keen on women at all but seems to really like men.
He doesn’t seem to mind the other birds near him but in true African grey style, he tries to bite the feet of anyone that’s on top of his cage.
He is a plucker and it seems to be a bit of a habit so I’m using distraction techniques to try and discourage it. He spends about 5 hours a day under the UV lamp and he loves it.
I will update this bio as I learn more about him. Any questions, just ask.

 Cage: No

Location: Sheffield

Donation fee: £0

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