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All Star Parrots Rescue and Rehoming is a not-for-profit charity.
This means that we rely on the assistance of caring and hard-working volunteers.
Volunteers serve a vital role within the charity at all levels and are very much valued.
Without our volunteers, we would be unable to offer the support and care to parrots and their owners who require our services.


So, what is a Safe House?

Provides shelter, protection, and care in safe, loving and stable temporary home.
The length of time will vary between each parrot and is shaped by the individual needs of each parrot.

What do we expect from our Safe House?

Agree to provide a safe, protected, and loving environment to the parrot always, whilst in your care.
Ensure all risks of escape, digestion and inhalation of toxic foods and substances, potential attack from predatory animals within the home are eliminated, or controlled where necessary.

Ensure clean, well-ventilated living environment is provided whilst maintain the safety of the parrot.
Provide a high quality, enriched nutrition. The use of approved seed mix and pellet diets provide this, along with high quality, fresh and nutritionally rich vegetables, and some fruit.

Encourage and provide access to bathing opportunities depending on individual needs of the parrot.
Provide an environment filled with toys and enrichment appropriate the species. Encourage appropriate and meaningful socialisation to meet both individual needs and long-term outcomes for the parrot.

Discourage hormonal and sexual behaviour in the parrot through not providing nesting environment and materials and inappropriate petting by humans. A low fat, high vegetable nutritional diet also aids in lowering hormonal behaviours.
Encourage and provide adequate sleep environment and cycles. Parrots benefit from a 12/12 cycle. 12 hours of solid, dark, quiet sleep and 12 hours of appropriate enrichment, diet and care each day.

Where needed, ensure the parrot has access to an approved avian vet. Ensure a trustee approves all vet care treatment prior to attending the surgery.
Provide regular updates to the Welfare Officer and Trustee’s.

Complete at least weekly updates on the parrot progress, this will be posted on social media pages and enables public interest in the parrot’s journey.
Keep the organisation updated with any changes to circumstances, at the earliest convenience.
And most of all ENJOY the experience of supporting a parrot on its rescue journey.

What you can expect from us.

A knowledgeable team of volunteers and continued support and advice.

For anyone new to parrots

We understand that not everyone has had the pleasure of living with parrots, and so do not have the experience, skills and knowledge required to provide care to these complex animals.

With this in mind, we are happy to receive requests from inexperienced care givers, who believe that they can offer a loving and protective environment and are willing learn and gain knowledge and expertise in this area of animal welfare. If this is you, we do suggest you complete some research in parrot care and welfare before applying.
You would require a homecheck unless you have previously been homechecked by the charity 

If you feel you can offer the above, please complete our online form

If you have not had a homecheck by All Star Parrots, Click here to apply for a homecheck before applying to be a safehouse.



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