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Bereavement strikes when we least expect it to, and as a result the impact on a family can be immense. 

As a result the emotional turmoil is often made much greater by having to deal with the many practical tasks like funeral planning. 

Something that is often overlooked at this time is a family members beloved pets. They can feel bereavement aswell. And who will care for them now?

At All Star Parrots Rescue and Rehoming our experience has taught us that people who inherit a parrot may not have the knowledge, time or funds to care for an exotic animal.

We can offer further support and  advice on taking care of your loved ones companion bird. Please  feel free to contact us. We can help you with diet, environment and enrichment.

All Star Parrots can even help you if the realisation is that owning a bird may not be for you. We look after birds in safe secure home environments. This  ensures that they are being cared for in the best of conditions. Using our safe houses we can  find the right forever home for them.


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