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Parrot species

There are many different parrot species , and all are different in many ways.

If you are thinking of getting your first parrot, or another parrot to join your flock, then we highly recommend researching the different parrot species to make sure they are right for your family, and you are right for the species you are looking to adopt.

We have put together information and video clips for the popular species of parrot.

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Parrots found in North, Central and South Americans and Caribbean Islands (New World)

Amazon Parrots.

Barraband’s Parrots.




Canary-winged Parakeets.

Carolina Parakeets.

Grey-breasted Parakeets.

Grey-cheeked Parakeets.


Monk Parakeets.

Quaker Parrots.

Parrots found in Africa (and nearby islands)

African Grey Parrots.

African Ringneck Parrots.

Cape Parrots.


Niam-Niam Parrots.


Senegal Parrots.

Meyer’s Parrots

Vasa Parrots.

Parrots found in Australia

Budgies / Budgerigars.

Bourke’s Parakeets.



Grass Parakeets.

King Parrots.

Mula Parrots.

(Australian) Ring-neck Parakeets.

Princess Parrots.


Parrots found in New Zealand

 Alpine Parakeets.

Antipodes Island / Green Parakeets.

Antipodes Red-Fronted Parakeets.

Black-fronted Parakeets.

Chatham Red-fronted Parakeets.

Kaka or Nestor Parrots.

Kakapo Parrots (Owl Parrots).


Red-fronted Parakeets.

Parrots found in Asia

 Alexandrine Parakeets.

Bismarck’s Hanging Parrots.

Black-lored Parrots.

Blossom-headed Parakeets.

Blue-backed Parrots.

Blue-naped Parrots

Blue-crowned Parrots.

Blue-rumped Parrots.

Blyth’s Parakeets.

Hanging Parrots.

Derbyan Parakeets.

Racket-tailed Parrots.

Indian Ringneck Parrots.

King Parrots, Malabar Parakeets.

Mustached Parakeets.

Plum-headed Parakeets.

Rose-ringed Parakeets

Parrots found in Melanesia (islands north/northeast of Australia.

King Parrots.

Shining Parrots.

Fig Parrots.

Tiger Parrots.

Pygmy Parrots

All Star Parrots
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