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ASP ref: ASP806

Name: Charlie and Olive

Species: Blue Fronted Amazon & Orange Wing Amazon

Description: I’m currently being assessed. but so far here is what we know.

Everyone meet Charlie and Olive 🥰💯

Although Charlie and Olive has been with their safehouse family for a couple of weeks, they needed some work around desensitisation and interaction before we posted them.

Charlie decided to go back in when I entered the room 🤣 Olive is a real character, she loves being out and exploring, often on the floor as she can’t fly well.

Charlie is a man’s bird, he will tolerate women but will try to bite them. He is a different bird with a man. Charlie talks and whistles tunes, and is on love with his bell. I didn’t put the partition back in their cage when they came here, as Olive spent all her time hanging on it trying to interact with Charlie.

Olive was never let out, Charlie hadn’t been out for nearly 5 years. He will step up onto a perch now to go back in, but often takes himself in.

Below is a little video of the safehouse interaction 🥰🥰🥰

They are both doing so so well 😍😍

This pair are still a work in progress

 Cage: Yes

Location: Cornwall

Donation fee: £ 225

You will need to be a Gold Star Member to adopt any of the parrots from ASP. (Currently £75)

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