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*Required – Home check by an All Star Parrots Welfare Officer and a Gold Membership which can be purchased from our online shop


The first stage of our Adoption Process requires our adopting families to complete our HOME ENQUIRY FORM. But before doing this reading through the following information will help to answer any questions you may have.
How do we work?
Although our head office is based in Stoke on Trent we do not have a rescue centre and sanctuary. We work through a team of local Welfare Officers throughout the country. These officers work closely together and with our Welfare Manager Lou Naylor and Board of Directors to ensure each adoption home fully always meets the individual needs of the parrot .

We work home to home and foster to home. This ensures all parrots can be assessed in neutral environment allowing the best possible outcomes for the parrot and its new adoptee. At all times we have the welfare of the parrot at heart but also understand how difficult it can be to part with a much loved pet for whatever reason.

What to expect from us
We very carefully match each parrot and it’s care and welfare needs to their new homes and offer back up and support right through the process. For us it is all about making sure our parrots find the right homes and stay there.
What we expect from our adopters
We ask that our adopters work closely with us right through the adoption process. We will do many checks to ensure that the parrot is right for your family situation and that you are right for the parrot. Where the parrot needs some additional long term behavioural work we provide friendly support from the most appropriate member of the team. We are not qualified behaviourists but between us have knowledge on how to work with parrots.
Please note: It could take a while before the right parrot comes along, so waiting times may be a little longer. People with more specific needs such as full time workers, families with young children and wanting a specific species may have to wait longer too. We also ask you consider that parrots have high demanding needs, high maintenance costs for husbandry, welfare and diet and require specialised avian vet care (we do not advise using regular vets treating many types of animals). We request that our parrots have specialist avian/exotic insurance to be paid by the adoptee too.

We do ask for all adoption homes to be a Gold Star Member of All Star Parrots Rescue and Rehoming which is currently £75.00 to be paid in full before any adoption can take place. We also ask for an Adoption Donation of £0.00 up to £250 per parrot depending on species.  This MUST be paid in full prior to you having the parrot in your home, this helps a little towards the cost of expensive avain vet care when needed to all parrots in safe house . 

Adoption donation fees

Small birds – budgie’s, cockatiels, lovebirds £0 to £20 donation fee.

Conures, Indian ringnecks, Alexandrine parrots ect £50 to £100 donation fee.

African grey, Timneh greys or any CITES endangered birds, no donation fee unless relevant CITES paperwork is present.

Eclectus parrot, Amazon parrots £150 donation fee.

Cockatoo’s £200 donation fee.

Macaw parrots £250 donation fee.

All fees are subject to change at the discretion of the charity.

Adoption Certificate 
Please note adoption certificates are included in gold membership when purchased at time of adoption.
Additional adoption certificates are chargeable at a cost of £2.50 to cover additional administrative fees and postage

If you would like to adopt a parrot from All Star Parrots, Then please fill out the form below.

Please give the ASP for the bird you would like to adopt.

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