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ASP ref: ASP867

Name: Spyro

Species: Pineapple Conure

Description: Here we have Spyro, he’s been with us in safe housing for a couple of weeks. His previous owner said he was in a pair but his wife passed away. He is a pineapple colour conure his hatch date is 25/06/2019. So he is currently 5 years old. Loves a bath in his water bowl! Loves to be out his cage and sat on a shoulder cuddled up! He can give a nip if someone was to try and take him off of the shoulder he is on. Although will fly to his cage and go in when he’s had enough and will step onto your hand for you to put him back. Loves his fresh fruit and veg. He’s not a messy eater either! Doesn’t seem to have a preference on male or female as will sit on anyone’s shoulder for a cuddle. Does occasionally say hello chicken although he’s rather quiet.

 Cage: Yes

Location: Southampton 

Donation fee: £75

You will need to be a Gold Star Member to adopt any of the parrots from ASP. (Currently £75)

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