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ASP ref: ASP879

Name: Penny and Ernie

Species: Quaker Parrots

Description: Ernie is 6 years old, dark blue, and he is the sweetest boy I have ever met, he just wants to be close and preen me, he’s very gentle but it took us a long while to earn his trust. He would much rather be sat preening you than exploring, otherwise he is just left out and sits happily around his cage. He isn’t as greedy as penny and doesn’t pack on white as much ‘junk in the trunk’ but is also quite nervous, when I first brought him home he had pulled most of his chest feathers out, and slowly grew them back over the years, but I’ve noticed when I go away for extended periods of time, it starts again. Ernie loved a good preen himself, some scratched on his head, but he will hide it from Penny as she gets jealous😂

Penny is a year and a half old, she is the lighter coloured of the two, and is the funniest, quirky bird I have met. Her triggers usually come from something she’s never seen before (mop, watering can, etc.) or, being jealous of Ernie. She’s going through her terrible twos at the moment but I truly believe she’s going to make a lovely addition to a home, when we first brought her home she loved anything soft, would snuggle up in them and let you preen her. She had a fleece cave in her home which she adored (I read too much conflicting arguments about these so it’s been removed) but the point is… anything soft! She loves stomping around the sofa or shouting into candles, mugs, etc. and in the evening we arrange a little assortment of them for her to prance around and shout into. (Yes it’s as daft as it sounds). She went through a biting phase, but with a lot of kind words and a few sleeves, she has found happiness in not biting but prefers to sit on my shoulder or head.

Their life at the moment:Wake up at 7-8, get fresh water, seeds, and get let out. We have our morning coffee together (dw they don’t have any, just their seeds). I take their chop out of the freezer, they get this around 2pm when fully defrosted. They have their own room for most of the day, with classical music on and a lot of pop ins, they sometimes come on a walk around the house on my shoulders. In the evening we all sit in the living room with them, watch a movie and eat dinner, and they try their best to steal our food (we feed them chop and pretend it’s our food) and enjoy our company. If you struggle to put Penny in, get Ernie’s trust first and put him in, Penny will follow him anywhere. If we go on holiday, they love our pet sitters who are two girls (Ernie prefers women), who look after them just like we do.They come with cage, toys, treats, food, some homemade chop and ingredients list, a parrot playground (that they are still getting used to, they’re not the most confident birds.)

Cage: Yes

Location: West Sussex

Donation fee: £150

You will need to be a Gold Star Member to adopt any of the parrots from ASP. (Currently £75)

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