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The first stage of our Homecheck Process requires our volunteers to complete our HOME CHECK FORM. But before doing this reading through the following information will help to answer any questions you may have.

How do we work?

Although our head office is based in Stoke on Trent we do not have a rescue Centre and sanctuary. We work through a team of local Welfare Officers approved Safe House Volunteers throughout the country. These officers work closely together with our Welfare Manager Lou Naylor and Chris Arnell. The board of Directors to ensure each home always meets individual needs of the parrot.

This network of Safe house volunteers assist in providing a knowledgeable safe caring home from home environment. Our parrots are provided with the best care and welfare whilst undergoing a comprehensive assessment of needs. Not all parrots will require a lengthy assessment. In these cases the Safe House can act as a short term stop gap.  Our parrots that need nutritional, behavioral changes will start this process in the Safe house and so will be matched to a safe house able to meet our parrots individual needs. At times parrots can come in to rescue needing urgent lifesaving diagnostic and medical treatment from specialist avian vets, in this case all costs are covered by the charity.

The Procedure

You will no doubt have a number of questions about the adoption procedure and the following information should answer these. If you have any further questions please do put these in to an email to our Welfare Manager Lou at homecheck@allstarparrots.co.uk who will be happy to answer these.


What happens after ASP receives my Homecheck Form?

Once we have received your completed Home Check Form we will add you to our Homecheck Register.

When will our Welfare Officer make contact with us?
Your Welfare Officer will make initial contact with you once they have received your Home check enquiry. We try to do this within 10 days of receiving your information but we do ask you to bear in mind that all of our Officers are volunteers and many have full time jobs and / or family commitments (PLEASE NOTE: Some areas of the country do not have a WO, in this case the wait time may be extended). They will at this point arrange a mutual convenient time to visit you in your home to carry out the home check with you and the family.

It is important to ensure all members of the family can be present. This enables a full discussion with you all. A full assessment of how caring for a parrot is supported in the home. We do not expect you to be an expert at this time. We do encourage you to research caring for a parrot before the home visit. It is important to remember that just because you have had a home check it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be offered to care for a parrot immediately.  The home check / interview is an important part of the safe house and or adoption and can be the deciding factor as to whether the match is right for both the parrot and adopting family.

What happens after a Home checks?

After the home check we will contact you and inform you of the outcome. Some cases may require further research from the volunteer and we are happy to support this as best we can. It is important to note that at times we hold the right to decline a home check. In this case a full explanation outlining the reason/s will be provided.

What about parrots that have behavioral issues?
Please remember that a lot of rescue animals come with “baggage” – this could be training or behavioral issues.  We will help and advise on this. We would expect our Safe house volunteers to work closely with the person appointed to help you and the parrot through the issues.

What if the parrot has medical issues?
All Star Parrots Rescue and Rehoming cover all medical and emergency treatment costs for our parrots in safe house. A trustee needs to approve medical treatment.
Do I have to supply a cage, enrichment and food?
Most parrots come in to the rescue with their own belongings, these will remain with the parrot throughout the journey in ASP. If a parrot does not have any belongings cage/toys etc. then the rescue does have minimal supplies of stored cages in some areas of the country. It is expected that the safe house volunteer will supply our parrots with a high quality pellet or no sunflower/monkey nut diet. Along with fresh vegetables / fruit and water and suitable enrichment throughout the stay. We can at times provide donated enrichment and toys to special case parrots.
To start the process of a home check why not fill out the form below,

Click or drag files to this area to upload. You can upload up to 3 files.
Please note you will need to upload 2 bills showing name and address and 1 photo id
Reference 1 Can be for a friend or someone that knows you.
Reference 1 phone number can be for a friend or someone that knows you
Reference 2 Needs to be a professional person, Example a business owner that knows you or a team leader or manager from your place of work, this can not be a family member.
Reference 2 phone number Needs to be a professional person, Example a business owner that knows you or a team leader or manager from your place of work, this can not be a family member.

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