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ASP ref: ASP866

Name: Poppy

Species: African Grey Parrot

Description: I’m currently being assessed but here’s what know so far,

So, this week in the Big Brother household…… Poppy has joined the voting mania hitting the country- red or green, but def no blue. She’s pondered and tested all week and definitely decided that green win! Grapes that is folks! Green grapes!  On the food front we’ve added apples to our repertoire, red, and you have to eat first, but is enjoying them. Poppy has mingled with the little people this week. Granddaughters aged 7 and below all came to make a fuss, and although she wasn’t scared, she also wasn’t interested. Saying that, these kids know not to put fingers in cages ect, and I wouldn’t necessarily trust Poppy not to taste little fingers so would still advocate not housing her with little ones. Poppy is still not out of the cage. Look at the photos. We’ve added the extra outside perch, and have tried strings of grapes, and apples and even putting her pot out here, but at this point we’re not winning, she’s a stubborn little madam. Today we had a storm and Poppy was the most vocal that we have heard her. She was singing and shouting and joining in with Chiti and Cyrus as they did their storm dance, it was lovely to hear. She needs a lovely home with people who have the patience to bring her out of herself and remind her that she’s a bird again. We see flashes of it, and then she disappears back into herself again. Poppy is a cute little lady who is really trying to sort out her anxiety but it’s just taking her a little time.

 Cage: Yes

Location: Derbyshire, De12

Donation fee:  £0 I am cited but you can make a voluntary donation if you want to

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