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0845 388 0584

ASP ref: ASP858

Name: Lulu

Species: Citron Crested Cockatoo

Description: I’m currently being assessed but here is what we know so far,

Hello Everyone, My name is Lulu. I am currently here with my safe house family and I have came out of my shell quite a lot. I love to watch the kids playing and I think the best thing in the world is making a huge fuss if you’re watching TV and not talking to me. I have started eating well and I have been told that I am not as messy with my food is my room mate Ozzy. I will have a good shout if I can hear you but can’t see you, but will settle after a few mins. The people here let me play outside of my cage a lot but I can’t fly due to an injury to my wing a few years ago. I am not the biggest fan of other birds, so I think a home with just me would be best. Mark is my favourite person here and I am starting to trust ladies a little more as time goes by. I don’t like the Dogs so I hiss at them and puff up my feathers. But they don’t bother me anyway, I just like to look tough. I do bite a little if I get too overwhelmed, but it’s just a warning. With time and effort Mark says I will be an amazing companion.

Lulu has come along leaps and bounds since arriving with us. What a wonderful girl she is once she gets to know you and you earn her trust. Today, she climbed down onto the floor, walked over to me, climbed up my leg and into my lap. She sat there for a few minutes and waited for me to finish what I was doing, and then she nuzzled herself into my neck and chest for a massive cuddle. I love her like crazy, but her journey can not end with me. If you could offer Lulu the perfect home, please let us know via the website at the bottom of this post.

Lulu preferably would have a man as her main care giver. She is fine with the ladies, but she has a thing for men. She can not fly due to a past injury, but she adores being sat on your shoulder while you do things around the house. The perfect adoptive person would need to be willing to take the time to get to know her properly. She likes children but would need to be heavily supervised around them. She eats like a blue whale and drinks like one too. The cage she came into ASP with was a little bit too small, so her new family will need to have one ready for her to move into. She is not super exited about toys or playing with things. But she does like having stuff inside her cage. Plenty of places to perch is essential for her. Lulu likes to be out of her cage, but she won’t go far. She likes to just sit and watch the world happen.

 Cage: Yes

Location: Hartlepool

Donation fee: £0 I am cites but you can make a donation

You will need to be a Gold Star Member to adopt any of the parrots from ASP. (Currently £75)

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