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ASP ref: ASP819

Name: Tilly

Species: African Grey Parrot

Description: Tilly has been with us nearly 3 weeks now, to begin with she was very nervous, she did prefer Chris over me but over the 2 weeks I have handled her the most, at first she bit me every chance she got but now the biting has stopped because I wouldn’t be beaten by her lol, she spends nearly all of her time with me now on my shoulder or wherever I am doing my jobs so for women she is now happy to be around she love grapes and apples and will constantly eat them if she could, I don’t allow her to have many they are an earned treat for her. She loves her humans and wants to be around us all the time, she loves her head stroked and will nudge our hand to do it. Dogs don’t bother her at all, with kids we have to watch only because if they have crisps she will want to eat them, any food or drinks she will try to pinch them, Jamie the youngest gives her head strokes and shes ok with him. Tilly loves singing/whistling when your not in the room, if I say tilly where are you she will whistle back to me, she doesn’t talk i’m trying to teach her words

Tilly dislikes are, if she is high up like on a door she wont let me or Chris get her down with our hands I have to use a toy that came with her she will step onto that, I can now put my hand into her cage for her to step onto to bring her out, getting her back in her cage I use her food or she lands on my head and I have to get her in that way

Cage: No i need a new one

Location: Merseyside

Donation fee: £0 I am Cited

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