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Coco is in the process of being adopted 

ASP ref: ASP810

Name: Coco

Species: African Grey Parrot

Description: Meet Coco, he is about 10 years old and came to us as his previous human sadly passed away. Although he tolerates me, he is a man’s bird. He comes to life when there is a man around and will allow him to give head scratches and dance. A few of the words I’ve heard from him so far is “shut up” “hello” “woohoo” I’m sure he has a lot more in his vocab also but because I’m not a man he probably doesn’t want to share them with me.
He is a plucker but I believe that was down to lack of interaction as he had never been out of his cage or handled until recently as he hasn’t plucked since he arrived.
He is a very good eater and loves chop, he does prefer it raw however will also eat it cooked. He is also eating both zupreem pellets and lean and fit seed mix.
Are you the man that can provide his living forever home?

 Cage: Yes

Location: Sheffield

Donation fee: £0

You will need to be a Gold Star Member to adopt any of the parrots from ASP. (Currently £75)

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