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ASP ref: ASP809

Name: Frankie

Species: Orange Wing Amazon

Description: Hello my name is Frankie.
Little more about me I’m 19 years old I’m a beautiful Orange winged Amazon
My temperament: I am full of energy, I like to dance when I hear music. I can say a few words (good boy) (hello mate) and I mumble a lot but my safe house mummy is not to sure what I’m saying just yet. I will sit and have a very long conversation to myself when I’m in my cage. I am a fairly nervous bird, I’m unsure with hands and I can nip, however I avoid this at all cost and you can see I don’t want to do it, its more so that I’m scared, I just need time
Likes: I love cage free time. When door opens I get over excited. I like humans talking to me and giving me head scratches. I will show you when I want it. Wooden toys are my favorite to chew, and love having a mist or a shower
Dislikes: I need a slow approach, it’s scary coming towards me. Not keen with hands in my cage or being picked up, again, I just need time.
Favorite foods: I like dried bananas chips and lean and fit seed mix that gets sprinkled on my chop. I enjoy veggies, I enjoy broccoli the most and sprouted beans, but I’m still trying new things right now slowly.
My ideal home would be with someone that can continue to have the time to give me one on one training. Despite being a nervous bird, I have shown my full personality. I’m still not afraid to leave my cage, I’m keen! I’d love to go to a home with lots going on, seems to help with my confidence. I’ve been around male and females I don’t mind either, but I’m more bonded with my female safehousse mum because she feeds me, baths me and cares for me, but I won’t bother with anyone else, happy just to watch them. If you give me attention I’m happy to interact either way.
I’m here with other birds I cause no issue I’m content watching them.
I was plucking in my previous home but I’m no longer doing this and my feathers are growing back now. I’m looking fantastic and healthy, I’m bright and fluffy again I am a special boy. I need lots of loves, I will show you when I’m happy and I’ll make a wonderful companion

 Cage: Yes

Location: Sheffield

Donation fee: £150

You will need to be a Gold Star Member to adopt any of the parrots from ASP. (Currently £75)

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