0845 388 0584
0845 388 0584

ASP ref: ASP804

Name: Tansy

Species: Caique

Description: Hi my name is Tansy and I’m a one year old female caique. I absolutely love attention and just want to be out of my cage and with you. I’m very energetic and need lots of stimulation. I can do a few whistles and I say what you doing. I’m such a good girl and just love you human types. I even love the children here too. I’m extremely tame and love to lay on my back so you can tickle my belly. I’m on a healthy seed diet and love pistachio and pine nuts as treats. I’m not much one for fruit and veg but it doesn’t stop these humans trying to give me some lol. I am a great flyer, so you’ll have to watch me as I will be everywhere you don’t want me to be lol. If you think you could be the person that can give me all the attention and love I need and lots of out of cage time then please get in touch.

 Cage: No

Location: Bridlington

Donation fee: £100

You will need to be a Gold Star Member to adopt any of the parrots from ASP. (Currently £75)

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If you can offer a home please use the form to get started

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