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ASP ref: ASP801

Name: Toga

Species: Blue and Gold Macaw

Description: Hi this is Toga. She is a 13 year old Blue and Gold Macaw.
Toga will require an experienced macaw person to adopt her due to her nervousness.
She doesn’t mind men or women and believe she will be happy to interact with both of under the same roof.
When she first arrived she was very nervous and quiet however as time has passed she is starting to come out of her shell more and more each day as she grows in confidence.
She has a very negative response to her cage which is something I am still working on and will need to be continued when she finds her forever home, happy to discuss the current techniques I’m using.
She loves chop but prefers it warm and cooked over raw, however she does still eat both.
She also prefers pellets to seed, she has been eating the zupreem natural pellets.
She does like to have a fly around too, so space for her to do this would be ideal.
She is a very loving girl and has started to love head scratches from me. She won’t always step up and when she does she flies straight off, I believe this is a trust issue, but again something I am working with her on at her own pace as it’s important not to rush this beautiful girl as any wrong move will set her back again. She has taken just over a week to start beginning to trust me so please don’t expect her to automatically trust, step up, have head scratches etc.
She is also harness trained, however as of yet I have not gained enough trust with her to attempt to put it on.
She is also fine with other birds regardless of their size.
Toga is a work in progress but will bring such fun and happiness into any household. Toga will need an very experienced home that must have previous macaw experience.

 Cage: Yes

Location: Sheffield

Donation fee: £250

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