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ASP ref: ASP781

Name: Alfie

Species: Lesser Sulphur crested Cockatoo


Alfie is a 23-year-old, male, Lesser Sulphur Cockatoo looking for a female adult carer who is home the majority of the time. Due to some behavioural traits, we feel he would be best suited in a home without young children. Alfie could live with other friendly birds (Currently living with a Ringneck and Conure, and previously lived with an African Grey) however his primary interest is his female human.

Alfie is incredibly intelligent and affectionate. He is also a brilliant eater, loving all kinds of foods; currently eating a high-quality seed mix with daily access to fruit and vegetables or homemade chop. His favorite treats are shelled walnuts and sweetcorn – we use this for training and reward.

Since coming into ASP, Alfie has come on leaps and bounds, however we are still training him to cope with his separation anxiety and possessiveness. This will be an ongoing requirement. During his bouts of anxiety, Alfie will scream for his owner until they return. His possessiveness usually displays itself as aggression towards other people, including lunging and biting. This behavior has reduced massively since he began clicker training and having stimulation throughout the day. So far in Alfie’s’ training, we have taught him to recall/come to his cage or your shoulder/arm/hand, step up, step down, give kisses, and he also says “Hello!”. We are sure he could learn so much more!

We are looking for someone who is patient and dedicated to continuing Alfie’s’ training. Ideally a person with previous cockatoo experience, or with behavioral issues. In his new home he needs continued access to a good, low energy diet and a UV Lamp. He is harness trained and he also loves a car journey so would benefit from someone willing take Alfie exploring.

Alfie does not come with a cage; however he does come with an Aviator harness, his favorite toy, his clicker and a portion of seed mix and nuts.

 Cage: No

Location: Durham

Donation fee: £0 I am Cited

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