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ASP ref: ASP779

Name: Percy

Species: Pineapple Conure

Description: Meet Percy the 5yr old Pineapple Conure.
When Percy first arrived, he was attacking and didn’t want anything to do with me in or out of the cage.
He does still have his moments of nipping but the attacks have completely stopped. He is learning the word gentle and responds really well to praise.
He has such a huge character
He absolutely adores spending time with humans and will sit for hours with you. During the assessment I have realised he is more defensive when he is in his cage and a totally different bird when out of it (although it is a work in progress) He seems very happy to spend time with other birds from a distance.
He is an amazing eater, loves breakfast and dindins ? loves all veg and fruit and prefers pellets to seed which is really good.
He loves a little head scratch and will follow you for more of it when you stop.
He likes to laugh when you laugh, he also does a little mumbling and has noisy moments but these do not last very long and is usually when he wants your attention.
He likes male or female, due to his nipping, smaller children would not be ideal but older children that understand boundries would be ok. He is not bothered about dogs but is petrified of the hoover and will hid inside his sleep house when it comes out.
This little boy will bring so much happiness and joy to any household.
What you waiting for, click the link to apply and give this baby his forever home.

 Cage: Yes

Location: Sheffield

Donation fee: £75

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