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ASP ref: ASP773

Name: Coco

Species: Peach chested conure

Description: My name is coco.

Coco is a beautiful 4yr old girl. We think she is a pineapple crossed cinnamon conure, but we cannot be sure. She has come a long way since being in safe house. She enjoys playing and chomping on her toys. She’s happy playing on her own, or interacting with the other parrots. She’s very well behaved out of her cage, and even takes herself to bed at night. When called over the camera, Coco pops up, and flies to her perch to say hello. Coco steps up nicely, and enjoys having head scratches and snuggles. She’s a quiet parrot, only making little squeaks when she’s having tickles. Coco isn’t picky, and loves attention from both male and females. She enjoys lots of different fresh food, but her favorite thing is a nut before bed.  My safe house mummy says I’m so quiet and calls me beautiful girl I like that . I love to watch everyone around me I make lots little quiet squeaks . My safe house mummy heard me say tickle tickle but that doesn’t mean I want you to touch me ! I am still a bit nervous I just need time and space. I’m not the steadiest on my feet but I can fly and I climb with confidence around my cage . I will sit with you but don’t fuss me I’m not keen . I’m enjoying my new diet of fit and lean seed I have fresh vegetables and fruit daily I love to try new foods. My safe house mummy puts a little stem of millet in my cage regularly as it’s my favorite treat along side pecan nuts . I love to watch my safe house mummy’s little people when they stay . I like to spend time with my other safe house mum I sit for ages on her finger looking around . I love my spring toy in my cage and I will sit for hours chewing my wooden ladder .

This sweet girl is still looking for a new home.
She’s been having a great time playing in the bird room. She shares her play time with a couple of other parrots. At bed then she takes herself to bed in her hammock, where she lays down and looks like a little burrito.
She loves cuddles, and will quietly natter as you give her strokes.
She tried peas this week, and loved them. She managed to eat the insides and leave me little bits of skin. 😂
She would love a home where she can get regular snuggles and love. She isn’t fussed if you’re male or female, as long as you’ll give her attention. ❤️❤️
She has come a very long way from the nervous girl that first came in.

 Cage: Yes

Location: Cornwall

Donation fee: £75

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