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ASP ref: ASP773

Name: Coco

Species: Peach chested conure

Description: My name is coco I’m a peach chested conure. I’m 4years old . My safe house mummy says I’m so quiet and calls me beautiful girl I like that . I love to watch everyone around me I make lots little quiet squeaks . My safe house mummy heard me say tickle tickle but that doesn’t mean I want you to touch me ! I am still a bit nervous I just need time and space. I’m not the steadiest on my feet but I can fly and I climb with confidence around my cage . I will sit with you but don’t fuss me I’m not keen . I’m enjoying my new diet of fit and lean seed I have fresh vegetables and fruit daily I love to try new foods. My safe house mummy puts a little stem of millet in my cage regularly as it’s my favorite treat along side pecan nuts . I love to watch my safe house mummy’s little people when they stay . I like to spend time with my other safe house mum I sit for ages on her finger looking around . I love my spring toy in my cage and I will sit for hours chewing my wooden ladder .

 Cage: Yes

Location: Cornwall

Donation fee: £75

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