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ASP ref: ASP761

Name: Chippy (chip)

Species: Blue Crowned Conure

Description: Hi, my name is Chippy (Chip) and I’m a blue crowned Conure. I’m in the prime of my life (15 years old). Since coming to my safe house mummy, I have been put on a healthier diet, although I do still eat seed. I like peppers n grapes best out of the healthy stuff. I’ve started eating Tropican lifetime pellet, and I’m getting quite the taste for it!. My safe house mummy says I’m a bit gobby especially if she’s on the phone!. They have tried to tempt me out of my cage, but I’m a bit too nervous to explore. I’m sure with a lot of love and encouragement I will eventually pluck up the courage. I do enjoy my beak and belly being stroked through the bars of my cage, but only by my safe house mummy. If my safe house daddy tries, he gets told!. I quite like my safe house mummy’s best friend, so I think I’d be better suited with the ladies… I like to sleep between my mirrors (don’t ask lol). I don’t like my cage being rearranged and it takes me a while to get used to new toys etc. Could you be my new mummy????.

 Cage: Yes

Location: Briddlington 

Donation fee: £75

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