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ASP ref: ASP751

Name: Coco

Species: Orange Wing Amazon

Description: Hello my name is Coco I am an orange winged Amazon. I came to stay at my safe house at the end of July. I don’t really say many words apart from “hello Coco” “hello baby” and “pretty girl. I am just learning to say “Alexa” (this could be interesting if I can get it right) and “who’s that “. I won’t step up yet but I will let you tickle my head. I love a good head rub. I sometimes like to hold your finger but it depends what kind of mood I am in. I make a noise in the morning if you don’t do my food quick enough. I like to have a fly around but I am quite happy just sat on the top of my cage watching the world go by. When I am in my cage I move around really quickly. I don’t mind other birds as my safe house family have four of their own. I am also ok with dogs. I have never been round young children so don’t know what I would be like.
My diet is Harrison Adult lifetime course food. I also love monkey nuts. I like Apples,Grapes,Oranges,Broccoli and Cauliflower but I am quite willing to try anything. I like to

 Cage: Yes

Location: Chesterfield

Donation fee: £150

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