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ASP ref: ASP747

Name: Jack (JakJak)

Species: Quaker Parrot

Description: Hi all, My names jack but my SH mummy calls me JakJak (apparently it suits me better) I recently came into the charity through no fault of my own and that my SH mummy actually saved me from leaving this world and decided I deserved a better life than my previous one, anyways I’m 14 years old and was once hand tame but ATM I’m not too keen on those things coming near me and I will bite but my SH mummy says I’m learning that they aren’t that scary and I will allow her to stroke my beak whilst I hold on the the bars, it’s not that bad actually feels quite nice but it’s going to take some time before I allow a real stroke, she says all us Quakers can be quite stubborn!! Have you seen my face? Do I look stubborn to you ? Haha I don’t think so but she says I’m a work in progress and that I’m such a good boy, I absolutely adore my little hut as well as my spoon and bells they are the best things ever but I’m not too keen on anyone touching them, I get a little upset when if you do, I love my food and will shout when there’s nothing tasty left in my bowl, I will eat veggies as those little green trees are my favorite and will do a little dance when my bowl gets refilled, I haven’t been out of my cage for a while but my SH mummy keeps trying with an open door for a few hours but I haven’t dare to venture just yet but I will get there she’s says but this is just a quick update to let people know I’m here and not quite ready to leave just yet, my SH mummy don’t think it will be long before I will find my forever home where I can work on my trust with you humans again but she also says that people not need to be asking if you think your will be getting a sweet friendly bird on the get go as she says I need someone who isn’t bothered about being bitten and have the confidence and time to work with me to help trust and love someone again so till then JakJak out !! XX

 Cage: Yes

Location: Grimsby

Donation fee: £75

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