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ASP ref: ASP736

Name: Charlie

Species: Mealy Amazon

Description: Charlie is a 14 y/o mealy Amazon, who desperately wants to be friends.
Since he has been with us in SH he has been incredibly well behaved. He is not noisy, and chirrups away quite happily. He can talk, so far he has said ‘hello Charlie’ ‘hi’ ‘pretty boy’ and various whistles. I think he will say more as time goes on.
Charlie does fly, and has landed on both me and my partner. He waits for help if he crashes and will step up on a covered arm (*he doesn’t like skin) but generally he circles back to his cage.
He eats well and is currently on seed, but he will try anything he is given. He particularly likes pistachios, peas and apple. He is very gentle when taking things from us.
Charlie is incredibly playful, and spends hours dismantling his toys. He loves wooden blocks…you will never be short of kindling! He spends a lot of time dangling and climbing on his toys. He is not interested in foot toys, but I think it is because he hasn’t had them before.
Charlie has settles really well into our home and routine, he has not shown any aggressive behaviour towards my partner and I or our other bird. He loves our other bird, and I feel he would do well with a friend.
He has been coming out every day and enjoys being around both males and females. He loves children and does get over excited to see them. He will put himself away, or will step up on a covered arm to be put in. He is covered at night with no problems.
Charlie wants to be friends, but he isn’t quite confident enough yet. He needs to be involved in the household, and will happily sit and watch TV, listen to the radio and be his squeaky little self. He is thriving on interaction, and will only get better.
Charlie is a wonderful bird who has come so far in a short time, and will really benefit from a forever home. Charlie ideally would suit a home with no small children as hes doesn’t appear to like them very much. Ideally an adult only home.

 Cage: No

Location: Cornwall

Donation fee: £150

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