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ASP ref: ASP734

Name: Coco

Species: Sun Conure

Description: Hi my name is Coco, I came to live with my SH in June 2023 due to no fault of my own.

My owners as lovely as they are felt that they could not dedicate enough time to me due to personal circumstances and therefore felt the need to rehome me. I am roughly 5 years old although not quite sure. I am very confident and alert, I flew to my SH mummy the first day I arrived so I am not shy at all! 

Coming from a family with a young child I am okay with children. I have been known to attack a male so females are probably the better owners for me! I am a bit hormonal at times and was given a mixed diet including seeds. I have now been put onto Harrisons Pellets and I am eating those just fine!

I am friendly at times but when allowed onto your shoulder I can bite! My SH mummy has been working on discouraging perching on shoulders due to that and has worked on training me to come only when called to the arm with a treat. My favourite treats are Cashew nuts most certainly! I can even do a turn around when commanded! I don’t say many words but during the day I can be quite loud at times
I can say Kiss Kiss during the night but only on some occasions.

I would make a lovely addition for someone who has lots of time to dedicate to me. I used to live as an only parrot but my SH introduced me to other parrots. I have no fear! I dived bomb an African Grey once but its all good now! I can be quite dominant but overall I am a sweetheart looking for my forever home 🙂

 Cage: Yes

Location: Surrey

Donation fee: £75

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