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ASP ref: ASP730

Name: Charlie

Species: African grey Parrot
Description: Hi, my name is Charlie and I’m 15 years old. I’ve lived with my dad all my life, but now he’s too old to look after me and wants me to find a new family to love me like he does…. I talk for England and say LOTS of words, some of them are quite colourful!. I can do loads of sound effects too, and learn very quickly!. When I came to my safe house my diet was not ‘the best’. I was eating a lot of sunflower seeds and junk food. Since being here I’ve been put on a low sunflower seed mix and they’ve tried to give me these pellet things, but I’m not eating them!!. They keep trying to get me to try new things like fruit and veg. The problem is I’ll eat them one day, and then treat them as though they are poisonous the next…? I’m a typical grey and very timid, but this is all new to me and I’m trying to work out who I can trust. Some days I come straight out of my cage as soon as the door is opened, but others I won’t come out, no matter how much you try to bribe me. I like to have head scratches from men or women through the bars of my cage, but will only let me sh dad stroke me when I’m out of my cage. I need someone with time and patience to build my trust.

 Cage : Yes

Location: Briddlington

Donation fee: £0 I am Cited

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