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ASP ref: ASP717

Name: Charlie

Species: African grey Parrot

Description: Hello to all my ASP friends! My name is Charlie the Congo African grey and I’m around 31 years young. I have not been in my safehouse very long but I’m feeling more trusting around my new surroundings. I was a little sad to start with as this was a big change for me. I have been a little nippy as I’m hormonal, I’ve been regurgitating for my safehouse mum but she tells me she doesn’t want to share my food. I’m a happy boy and love to dance and whistle. Please don’t apply for me if this is what your wanting from a bird… I have a lot more to offer which is a love and affection. I’m a beautiful bird with a great appetite, I love my fruit, veg and enjoy being sprayed. I have to have regular baths due to being one of the dustier species. I’m ok in a home with dogs, not sure about children as never been around them. My favourite human is female. My old owner used to walk around the home with me on her shoulder.
I’m not yet interested in my toys but this is something that is being introduced to me so in time I may enjoy them.
If you are a lady and would like a best friend then I’m your Charlie.

 Cage: Yes

Location: Essex

Donation fee: £0 I am Cited

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