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ASP ref: ASP709

Name: Jasper

Species: Lesser Sulphur Cockatoo

Description: I’m Jasper, a 24 year old sulphur-crested cockatoo.

I am looking for a quiet home where I can be the center of attention and spend most of my time out of my cage.

I need a forever man in my life, I simply can’t be without a man. I don’t mind women, in fact, I will accept endless tickles from anyone, but I will only trust men to step me off my cage at the moment, I will politely decline a women’s invitation; but I think I might be swayed to trust one with kindness and patience. I’m now starting to step off my cage on to my SH mums lap if she sits next to my cage and has a tempting cuppa in her hand.

I’m a chatty boy. I have lots to say that you will understand but even more if you understand Cockatoo-ish. I’ll wake you up every morning with a series of exaggerated acchhhoooooo sneezes. I love to be in the middle of the action, don’t worry though because if you forget I will scream to remind you. I need the odd gentle reminder that inside voices are fine and I’m not in the jungle so no need to scream to be heard! I will quieten down if you really HAVE to go out with the radio on and also lights if for bedtime, don’t try and cover my cage because I will rip it!

I have a bit of weight to put on but that should come with time as I’m on a good seed, vegetable and fruit diet. Be warned, there is a bird food tax and I do expect a taste of whatever you are having, but don’t worry, if you forget I will scream to remind you. I’m now learning to say “Ta” instead.

I love a shower or a warm spray. Also love a cool hairdryer. Nothing phases me in the house – hoovers etc., all fine! I’ve over-preened my legs and tummy. I have lots of wooden and metal toys, which I love to destroy to keep me busy. I’ll also have a chew at the walls, window sill or anything else that you foolishly put within reach!

I don’t mind living next to other birds, but I will activate full on cockatoo mode if they get too close. My safe house family don’t think it’s safe to let me out with my safe house conure neighbour. I hate cats, I’ll scream! I’ll tolerate dogs if they respect my space, but if they don’t, I’ll hiss and activate full on cockatoo mode.

…but mostly, I crave affection and I love to be loved.

 Cage: Yes and a travel cage

Location: Hants PO7 area

Donation fee: £0 I am Cites 

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