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ASP reference : ASP703

Name: Ben

Species: African Grey

Description: Ben is a great parrot, he’s very gentle, curious and lively. He is a good talker once he feels comfortable to do so, saying things like, see ya later, come on, pretty boy, little bugger and will make sure you know he’s there when there is food in the room by saying hello. When he came to us he was on a sunflower seed diet but now will eat pellets, most fruits, some veg and has found a new favourite treat in pine nuts.
Ben needs someone, preferably a male, with plenty of time for him, he doesn’t like to be left much and will fly to you when you go to leave the room. He can fly but isn’t used to it and needs some practice but is improving. His favourite pass time is shredding paper and chewing wood, also doing flips in his cage

Cage: Yes

Location: Stoke on Trent

Donation Fee: £0 I am Cited

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