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ASP ref: ASP694

Name: Fred

Species: African Grey Parrot

Description: Meet Fred aka Freddie.
Fred is ready to start finding his forever family ♥♥
Fred is a blind African Grey and has a heart of gold. He is unable to fly, but can run really fast. He loves playing with his squeeky ball and his rattle ball and also loves to rip up cardboard.
He does say “come on” and whistles The Sound of Music. He loves a lot of attention from either male or female but may take a week or so to adapt as he relies on his sense of smell so being patient with him and talking softly and giving him lots of love will pay off.
He loves all fruit and veg, and is always happy to try new foods. He has both healthy seeds (no sunflower,no peanut) and pellets, infact I don’t think there are any foods Fred doesn’t like.
He will need someone that has a lot of time for him as loves kisses and cuddles.
He isn’t keen about being around other birds or animals so ideally would suit a home as an only one. Not sure about children, but again he will adapt if he feels safe and secure

 Cage: Yes

Location: Sheffield

Donation fee: £0 I am Cited

Some videos of Fred



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