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ASP651 – Buddy – Orange Wing Amazon

ASP ref: ASP651

Name: Buddy

Species: Orange Wing Amazon

Description: My name is Buddy and I’m an Orange Wing Amazon. I came to my safe house home because my previous owner sadly couldn’t keep me due to a change in circumstances. She was very devoted to me, and fed me a good diet, got me a good cage and fave me lots of enrichment and love, so I’ve been very easy for my safe house mum. I am believed to be 6 years old, so I’m only young. My safe house family are in love with me. I used to prefer females, however, my SH dad is my chosen person here, and I love getting his attention and I show off to him. I’ve never been around children but I don’t mind the ones in my SH. I’ve also never been around other birds, and although I’m in the same room as the other birds in the house, I’m on the other side of the room, and I ignore them mainly. My door of my cage is open, but I won’t come out just yet, so I’m still building up my confidence to do so. I’m not tame, but don’t let that put you off of enquiring about me.

Cage: yes

Location: Devon

Donation Fee: £150

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