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ASP ref: ASP634

Species: Blue Fronted Amazon

Name: Charlie

Description: Hi my names Charlie and I’m a blue fronted amazon and I’m approx. 40 yrs old but who likes numbers when it comes to ages eh ?? Anyways my SH mummy says am I tough one to work with as I don’t like you human things really, I will blow kisses and flap my wings at you to show you how beautiful I am but when you get closer I tend to get scared and will shriek and try too bite, my SH mummy thinks I would have a good go if you came close enough for me to grab on but I haven’t been that lucky yet, I’m I’m very timid bird but I can be quiet vocal at times and I love e being around others with feathers as my SH mummy has plenty and all different colour’s and sizes too but I’m not fazed I like them all, I can get extremely irritated if you human things approach whilst another bird is on my cage and I would like them all to myself, I can get extremely cage territorial when inside my cage so please try to do that as little as possible, I love cherry tomatoes and some seeded toast which I have every morning with the rest of my SH mummy’s flock whilst she is cleaning up all our messes, I am always out of my cage every day and just sit on my top door just looking around and sometimes snoozing, you will have to put a mat under where I sit as I will poop over the side of my door and I prefer to be covered at night time with my own blanket and will let you know when I’m ready as I will go snuggle up on one side of my perch when it’s nite nite time and I will also let you when I want to be uncovered and start the day with you, my SH mummy thinks I will benefit being in a house with other birds as long as they don’t mind me as I’m unsure off the things on two legs without feathers but I like whistling and making noises at them it’s funny, well this is me if you think you can offer me patience home with some friends then let us know. Due to my age I do have Cataracts in his right eye and possible spreading to his left.

Cage: Yes

Location: Grimsby

Donation fee: £150

Check out the video of Charlie


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