ASP621 – Sinbad – African Grey Parrot

ASP ref: ASP621

Species: African Grey

Name: Sinbad

Description: Hello, my name is Sinbad or Singood as he has been nicknamed by his safehouse family. We believe he is about 18 years old and absolutely adorable. 

Sinbad is very friendly and love head tickles only being with us for a couple of weeks he is a little star. All day he chatters away, singing, counting up to nine then blowing a raspberry!! Sinbad hasn’t stepped up yet from his cage but will off the floor, everyday he’s out of the cage for about 10 hours exploring all the swings boxes and hidden treats/snacks. As the weather gets warmer he has been outside for up to 6 hours and then the last couple of hours I take him inside to stretch his wings and explore.

His diet is very good he loves his vegetables especially carrots and broccoli and is an absolute Angel if he thinks he can have a small new potato. I have tried Sinbad with lots of different fruits including pomegranate, mangoes, apples, strawberries, raspberries, grapes and pineapple he loves everyone. His all time treat is a cashew nut, I keep a tub of assorted nuts and when I take the lid off they all know it time to choose their favourite treat from the goody box.

Sinbad does not seem to have any preference to males or females just being with us and loves having head tickles from all including my eldest granddaughter. Sinbad doesn’t seem to be phased by dogs walking past the cage if anything he tend to whistle to them as they pass by!

He a lovely gentle soul and seems to get on well with our CAG and she can be very bossy at times. Sinbad is very sociable and enjoys dancing around on the top of his cage when the music is on, every morning he call out to me with a cheery “Good Morning and Hello”. At bedtime I just say to him Night Night, bedtime and takes himself into his cage to have a bit of supper, drink and onto his top perch for the night. Sinbad does like to be covered and you don’t hear him until you go into him in the morning to uncover him. Sinbad will need a cage and lots of toys to stimulate him throughout the day, but most of all he wants companionship and someone to talk to.

Cage: Yes but I need a new one

Donation fee: £0 I am cites

Location: Flint

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