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ASP ref: ASP846

Name: Chilli

Species: Hahns Macaw

Description: Hi My name is Chilli. I’m a Hahns Macaw and I’m roughly 14 years old.
As you can see I have plucked some feathers from the tops of my wings but I don’t pluck anymore and I will be very lucky if I get a full coverage back because this is a hard place for us birds to regrow feathers.
Anyway about me;

Food –
I love food 👌😂 my favourite is cooked vegatables all mashed together with some healthy seeds, but don’t give me sunflower seeds because they make me hyper, a bit like feeding a gremlin after midnight 😂😂
I do like raw veg if it’s chopped up really small but I will likely pick out the chillis and sweet peppers and throw the rest depending on my mood 😂
I’m not keen on fruit other than Goji berries.

Temprement –
For a Hahns, I’m rather calm and loving, although I’m not suitable to be around young children because of my bipolar and unpredicted, unprovoked bites. I really love to spend time with a human and will fly to one when they walk in the room. I don’t mind men or women but put both in a room and I will fly to the lady 😍
Other birds do not bother me in the slightest, I just do my own thing and let them get on with it, I even let them in my castle to eat the food I’ve left over from breakfast. Humans are much better company though because like me, they talk more.

“Whatcha doooin”
“Good girl”
“A good boy”
“What’s that” followed by an “ooooooooo”
I also have a potty mouth but I will let you discover what they are for yourself 😂😂

Are you my forever family?

Any questions?
Bye for now 👋

 Cage: Yes

Location: Sheffield

Donation fee: £200

You will need to be a Gold Star Member to adopt any of the parrots from ASP. (Currently £75)

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