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ASP ref: ASP311

Name: Charlie

Species: African Grey Parrot

Description: This handsome young man is called Charlie. He is around 19 years old and is full of life. When he came to his SH, we were told he doesn’t like fruit or veg but he does now!

He has a very wide vocabulary including calling out for the ‘rag and bone’ man, impression of a little owl and whistles the Adams Family theme tune and many, many more.

He will let you stroke him whilst he is in his cage but is not keen on touches whilst out. He does not step up at the moment but his SH mummy is working on this. When he comes out of his cage, he climbs down to the floor and likes to go investigating. He will go back in his cage when asked to.

He can fly and lands very well. He likes to land on the back of the sofas. He has been with his SH mummy’s two other AG’s and has loved having very lengthy conversations with the female one.

Charlie will make someone a lovely companion and will make you laugh every day.

Cage: Yes

Location: lincoln

Donation fee: £0 I am cited

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