Sue – Rescue Operations Manager 

Hi, my name is Sue and I am the Rescue Operations Manager for ASP, I am the first port of call with the phone line, part of my job is to allocate home checks to the relevant welfare officer for that area, we also get calls regarding birds to be picked up so this needs to be done respectfully and again is allocated to the nearest safe house by the relevant welfare officer, I  myself do home checks in my area as it’s another potential home for our feathered babies, I have two beautiful African Grey’s of my own and safehouse any birds in my area,.
Since being a little girl I have always been passionate about animals and to me Rescue is definitely the way forward.


Louise – Welfare Manager –  North

I’m Louise and I’m the welfare Manager for All Star Parrots. I have loved birds all my life, starting with budgies as a little girl. I never realised just how much one special bird would awaken my soul – My Bill. My Nanday Conure. I had to do some serious research and fast as he just appeared in my home one day as a present– He was nothing like a budgie at all. I learned what I could and I ‘ll be honest people relinquish their birds for many reasons but I didn’t, it didn’t even cross my mind. We have stuck together through thick and thin – I’ve lived with Bill for 17 years now and he is my buddy. 5 years ago I got another Nanday – Tinkerbell. So now Bill has a friend to play with. I have not lost any trust (I think our bond is even stronger now). Bill has welcomed my husband to my family. I have the approval photo (Bill sat on Matt’s shoulder and that’s when I knew Matt was mine).

My babies all live in the house (Currently 15 in total) and I always get told “Why don’t you bung them in an aviary?” My response “They are my family – would you put your son in the garden?” I love them being in the house. My house feels full and it has made me realised I have known my birds longer than some friends. I’ve spent more time with my babies than my own family. They are my heart and I never knew that I could love anything in this world so powerfully or for so long without falter.

Now I can help find homes for more birds through the wonderful All Star Parrots charity. I never realised I would enjoy volunteer work – but other than my birds and my husband, this is the best thing to have happened to me. I would implore you to join and help us. It’s amazing





My name is Claire and I’m the new fundraising manager for All Star Parrots.
My love for birds started from a young child and I grew up with them. I’m now owned by an Amazon, 2 African greys and 2 Conures.
I have been a welfare officer for the charity since it was set up and have watched it grow.
I am now managing fundraising and really want to take it to its full potential.
I am enjoying getting to know people on both the general and fundraising pages.
It’s so rewarding to be part of the fundraising team and with all your support and donations we can really make a difference to all the birds in need of veterinary care.
I would like to thank each and every one of you who continue to support this fantastic charity.


Meet our team of Welfare Officers.

If you would like to join our Welfare Officer Team please do get in touch.











































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