All Star Parrots Rescue and Rehoming are a non-profit making charity, we rely on the assistance of caring and hard-working volunteers. Volunteers serve a vital role within the charity at all levels and are very much valued. We can only assist birds in need with help from our trusted safe houses.

*You are not required to purchase a membership to become a safe house for All Star Parrots.
You will be required to buy a Gold Membership Pack if adopting from All Star Parrots*

If you have never owned a parrot before, or are new to bird keeping do still get in touch.

We were all new to bird keeping once.

If you would like to be a safehouse or adopt a bird from ASP, please send a email to 




* Provide shelter, protection, a safe loving and stable temporary home. The length of time will vary with each bird and situation depending on the needs.

* To provide for the birds needs with regards to good quality diet (one that is approved by the charity) fresh water, toys / enrichment, social interaction and sufficient out of cage time (minimum of 4 hours per day).

* Ensure that any parrot in the care of the safe house is kept safe from escape and all windows and doors are secure when the bird is out of cage. Make sure that family and visitors to the home are made aware of the risk of escape.

* To ensure at all times that the bird is kept safe from other household pets, in no circumstances must a safe house bird be allowed to mix with dogs / cats, whilst the bird is out of the cage to ensure that other pets are secured in a different room.

The parrot Passport

* Assess and diary, progress of bird, with photos for charity records.

* Provide regular updates / reports to welfare officer / director.

* Help with collection / delivery of bird where possible.

* Where the safe house bird has come into the charity as a found bird assist the Lost and found team with advertising of the bird in the local area / social media.

* Basic know how of species through research and the openness to receive support and advice from their welfare officer.

* Know where the nearest avian vets are. Ensure you have registered with vet and have the ability to take the safe house bird to the vets in an emergency.

* Have knowledge of signs of illness and know what to do if accidents occur.

* Keep a good open line of communication with your welfare officer.

* Promote the good name of All Star Parrot Rescue and Rehoming and assist the welfare officer in any events within their area.

* When the parrot is ready to go up for adoption, let your welfare officer know, Direct questions about fostering a parrot.

If you would like to be a safehouse or adopt a bird from ASP, please send a email to 


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