Scanable Id Badge

All Star Parrots take security very serious when you are having a home check, relinquishing a bird, fundraising ect.

We have a dedicated team of welfare officer that carry out these duties on behalf of the Charity.

All the welfare officers can be found on the website and carry a new scanable ID badge that you can scan with any device  and a QR scanner app, the welfare officer also can scan this for you if asked.


These badges are no longer valid and anybody carrying one as ID and saying they are from All Star Parrots are nothing to do with the charity.





Please report anybody using this badge to  or

call 0845 388 0584 to report it.   

These are the Scanable ID badges that the welfare officer now carry for your security. 

scannable ID badge

Scanable id badge picture for all star parrots welfare officer

qr code

scannable QR code




These are active welfare officers and acting on behalf of the charity. Once you can scan the QR code on the rear of their ID card and this will prove who they are, and to check their ID. You also you can check on the website. Either way will result in their badge being valid.

A cancelled ID badge

void badge

Cancelled image of id badge


This is a image of when a Id badge has been cancelled and the person no longer is acting on behalf of the rescue. 


The new Scannable QR code Id badges are for your security and this is something we take very serious, when requesting a visit from one of our team, you can request the QR code to be sent ahead of time so you know who is going to be coming to see, this is another security feature we are now offering. 

scannable QR code

qr code image


We can send you a image of the scannable QR code ahead of any visit. 



If in doubt, don’t let the person and call the helpline on 0845  388  0584


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