Lost and found

Many parrots big and small are lost and found all over the country every day. Many escape through doors and windows that have been left open. Others are taken into gardens for some sunshine without the safety of a travel cage or a harness.  Some people do not realise that clipping their birds wings will not prevent them from flying away, and they are in more danger when clipped.

 Parrots that are found and handed into All Star Parrots will remain in our care in a long term foster home untill the owner is found. We will actively keep searching for all birds owners whilst in our care.


If you think one of the birds within our care could be yours then contact us with any photos, videos, a leg ring number, or anything else which may prove a bird is yours.

Click on any of the below links to help in your search for a lost bird, or to list a bird you have found.




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