Harry – Cockatiel


Name: Harry

Species: Cockatiel

Description: Harry is a female, only discovered after 2 years when she laid an egg.

Rescued by me when family she was with went to Dubai, age about 1 year then. Was mainly looked after by the 10 year old daughter.

Harry is very friendly once she knows you, likes to come out of her cage have a fly around, then settle down with you, loves having her head and neck stroked.

Her main diet is seed with a stalk of broccoli clipped to inside the cage,, likes all the treats recommended for cockatiels and I always keep millet hanging in her cage, toast is another daily snack usually a seeded batch. Sometimes she will eat apple

Harry is usually out of her cage when I am home and likes to sit on top of her cage and look out of the window.

Harry has kept in good health, been to the vets once when we discovered he was a she and was having trouble laying an egg, after a little operation it was all sorted and has had no problems since. She very rarely lays any eggs now.

Age: Age approximately 6 years

Location: Wiltshire

Cage: Yes

Donation Fee: Donation




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