Species: Crimson Bellied Conure

Name: Charlie

Description: Charlie was born on May 2019. When he arrived at our home he was only on a seed diet and most of his wing feathers were black in color. He was extremely afraid to come out of his cage and it took some time to gain his trust. He was very scared of hands and would not even receive any treats from outside his cage. During his first month at home I took of work to get to know
Charlie. I sat near him for most of time for him to see me and get to know that I was not going to harm him. I finally got him to come out of his cage with a grape. I placed it outside his door and
he eventually came out to try it. It was a hit, he loved it and we started to become friends. It took him about a month to come onto a stick and not feel afraid. He slowly progressed to come on
my finger. Then we worked on bath time. Unfortunately we did not know any better and we continued the seed diet. I started to add some color pellets but he did not like them. Then little
by little as time went by I stated to give him carrots, peas and corn and he liked them. I added fruit and it took him some time to get used to seeing new things and not be afraid to try them.
He still struggles with trying new things but I don’t want to give up on him. When introducing new things to him it has to be slowly and not right away on his food. He gets worried and would
not eat. He likes things to be in the same spot every day and if you move furniture or add things to the room he might get stressed a bit until he gets used to it. Its very important to let him know
that its okay. He will fly to you and back and forth if he there is something that is worrying him like a new toy, new food or even a new item in your home. So just bear in mind that these little
guys have feelings too and need loads of patience and love.

Charlie is very curious once he is comfortable with the place. He has been cage free since he came to our home. He spends most of his day on his perch near the window or his flat area
where he has his best friend, which is a mirror. He loves to fly and show off his flying skills. He likes to climb on curtains and sometimes hide behind them at the top of them, especially when
he is molting. It could be a way of telling you that he needs sometime alone. Charlie comes alive when he has company. He loves to be near a window that can be cracked open to hear all the
other birds and to snoop on the neighborhood. I guess he could classify as being a feathered dog. He loves to warn you when someone is around and to tell you if there is danger in the skies.
(Bird predator) He loves to get head scratches but beware that he can also snap at you when he had enough.
Charlie also likes to be left alone and what I mean is not to be toyed with most of the day, he likes his space and once comfortable with you he himself will come to you while sitting on your
couch to spend time with you. He will follow you around and become your little shadow. He will keep you company even while you take a bath or bush your teeth.
Charlie also has a tendency of getting scared when he hears loud noises or if you drop anything. He will also get scared if you open a can of coke. When this happens he would fly around in
circles until he finds a safe landing. When he gets scared of the birds in the sky he would fly around from different places in the home to his perch to warn us while he screams too. He calls
other parrots Charlie too. And loves to scream out to them when he hears them or sees them. Charlie loves to go out during the summer but not for long. He also doesn’t like to be under the
sun and looks for a shady spot as fast as possible. I tend to leave his cage half and half with sun and shade just in case he changes his mind. During winter, since its cold we crack the window
for a little while for him to get fresh air and to hear other sounds including birds. Charlie loves his baths in his bowl in the kitchen sink. Once he is comfortable with you and your
routine he will let you know he wants a bath while you finish doing your dishes. He will fly to the faucet and try to whistle to let you know. He usually takes a bath every other day or everyday
during the summer. He likes it when you leave the water running lukewarm while he jumps in and out a few times. He loves his bath and will get completely soaked and get you soaked too. But
to be honest it’s worth it when you see how much he enjoys his baths. Sometimes you can tell when he needs one if he is molting or seems a bit stressed. Giving him a bath even in the
evening also helps him relax. I tend not to get him too wet in the evening and I just let him take a quick dip on my hands. During the winter season we tend to give him a light blow dry to help
him dry. But not fully just for a little while since he gets completely soaked and we don’t want him to get sick. Charlie also loves to get a head scratch after he dries and loves a neck and
cheek massage/ scratch. He is very sweet and if you get a chance to give him a kiss on his back while he is getting a head massage or when he is giving you his back he will send a kiss and say
I love you.


Cage: Yes

Location: London

Donation Fee: £100

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If you can offer Charlie a forever home, please email rehoming@allstarparrots.co.uk


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