ASP reference: ASP8

Name : Ozzy

Species: Galah Cockatoo

Description: Hi, my name is Ozzy and I’m a 10 year old (approx) galah. I prefer my main carer to be a man. I do like to interact with women n children, but can be a bit nippy. If left alone I will destroy your wallpaper/carpet and TV remote faster than you can say ‘no’ lol. I do say a few words like ‘hello Oz’, ‘come on’. My daddy has tried to get me to eat pellet, but I’m not having non of it lol. I do like my fruit and veg etc. I love to have head scratches and step up fine with my daddy. I can be nippy to new people. You just need to learn my body language lol. My daddy loves me very much and doesn’t want me to go, but is working very long hours, which means I’m on my own a lot. Could you give me a good home with plenty of company?. 

Cage: Yes

Location: Bridlington

Donation fee: £200

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