ASP ref: ASP636

Name: Sylvio

Species: African Grey

Description: Everyone meet Sylvio. He is 6 years old and a very cheeky little Chappie!
He whistles away, loves to play and fly around the room. Sylvio is very much for the ladies and does not like men.
His diet is going to need some work as he isn’t very interested in fruit and veg. His new home will need to carry on introducing new foods to him.
Also time out of the cage extremely important and sylvio will need to new home where he will get lots of hours out of his cage per day. He’s a large bird and he has a lot of energy to burn.
This young man will have you in stitches and has lots of love to offer.

Cage: Yes

Location: Essex

Donation fee: £0 as I am CITED

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