ASP ref: ASP635

Species: African Grey

Name: Pee

Description:  Hello everyone my name is Pea I’m about 14 years old.

When I came into my safehouse I was quite nervous, but my confidence is growing every day. I love
my safe house family, my mummy, and my daddy. I love interacting with them and dancing, I have a
great vocabulary I love being out of my cage exploring.
Since I have been in my safehouse I enjoy a variety of vegetables and fresh fruit every day I also love
sprouted seeds which my safehouse mummy grows for me at home. I haven’t stepped up yet as I’m
still building my confidence up, I love ahead tickle or two.
At my previous house I have been used to cats and dogs If they pass my cage. I love children and I will
interact with them having a head tickle.
Pea has gotten massive personality and once you get to know him it just shines through he loves
being with you and loves to singing. Whilst you clean his cage he will quite happily come down to
your level and chat, give a little wave and says HELLO, he is so cute.
Pea’s Favourite sayings are: where are you, I’m going for a wee wee, good morning, night night
bedtime, see you in the morning, hello guys where have you been, he has started shouting my dogs
names too, and many more, he’s so quick learning new words.
Pea will quite happily settle into a family with children and pets he just needs his confidence building
and lots of interaction.

Cage: No, I need a cage 

Location: Flint, North Wales

Donation fee: £0 as I am CITES

If you can offer a home please email

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