ASP62 – Scarlet – African Grey Parrot

Scarlet is in the process of being adopted

ASP Ref: ASP62

Species: African Grey

Name: Scarlet

Description: She came from a male owner but also his mum was her carer. And was with them 12 years since a baby, It took a good while for her to warm to me, since being here she picks and choose who she likes. She loves me, my mum, and one of my sons, she dislikes my husband and my daughter so no preference to men or women but seems to prefer females but takes to who she wants. She doesn’t like to fly even though she’s not ever had wings clipped and has only flew to me once in 2 years from her cage, I open her door and she climbs to her stand on top of her cage and sits there all day happily, or she likes to step up to me from inside the cage and sits with me for hours (before illness) loves a cuddle is super tame with me, loves to walk around and play, then she goes off to top of her cage. She talks lots and has a super character but isn’t loud in any way shape or form. She’s a very easy bird and never has moaned or complained once since he becoming poorly with covid she hasnt been able to come out as much as before but hasn’t complained. She has a large cage and loves her toys and cage too. She adores head tickles and kisses my nose every night before bed and we say good night. She is fed Hagen Tropicana pellets and sometimes some tidy mix too, she enjoys some veg and fruit, and her favourite is pine nuts & pomegranate. She lives with me, husband and 3 older children, she fine with all kids but may nip through bars if unsure of any adult or child. She’s great with dogs and actually winds them up lol, never been round any other animals but don’t see a issue. She is very very special to me and I only want the best for her, would prefer where someone is home all day to give her the attention and time out her a
Cage she deserves.

Cage: Yes

Location: Bedford

Donation Fee: £0 I’m Cited

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