ASP reference: ASP614
Names: Grace and Picket
Species: African Grey Parrots
Past history: We had to leave our home because our owners couldn’t care for us any longer.
Under assessment: We are living with our safe house parents and are very happy Picklet I’m a chatterbox Grace I just make noises. We really love our safe house dad n mum’s ok. Picklet I’m a picker on my chest and Grace I’m a plucker and look like a chick safe house mum has started us on vitamin n minerals to help with this. Likes. Food chewing wood playing with our toys flying around and Picklet I love looking out the window all day.
Dislikes:  Showers
Diet:  Tidymix Grace all veg no fruit. picklet likes fruit and veg. Both like couscous pasta quinoa fennel seeds and linseed mixed seeds.
Suitability and experience. We are not sociable with other birds Grace bit Picklet’s toe nail off.
We like humans big and small and are fine with dogs.
Age: Grace 8yrs Picklet 5yrs
Cages: Yes
Belongings: 2x cages 1x travel cage Toys and Nebuliser for Picklet.
Location: Essex
Donation fee: £0 we are Cited
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Seen by Becky Baker at February 20, 2022 at 10:10 AM

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