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ASp601 – Misi – Alexandrian Parrot

ASP ref: ASP601

Name: Misi

Description: Misi is 5 years young she loves her independence and out of the cage time . She loves all vegetables and fruit . She is very steady and not noisy at all . She would do better being the only bird as i’ve tried her out with my Amazon they didn’t fight at all but Misi liked to be boss . When I go near her she doesn’t run away or is not timid , but doesn’t like hands as yet as she will bite. Misi loves a shower and likes playing with toys . She comes with a cage but will need changing as its not big enough . All in all she’s a good steady bird that just further training to help her achieve her best potential.

Location: Birmingham

Cage: yes but could do with a bigger one

Donation fee: £75

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