ASP599 – Cookie – Yellow Fronted Amazon

ASP ref: ASP599

Name: Cookie

Species: Yellow Fronted Amazon


Howdy Buddy, I am Cookie. I am a yellow headed amazon full of manners but can repeat what you say so beware what you say. Unlike an amazon I am generally quite but I can call you if I don’t see you for some time. I am a momma’s boy. My safe house mum gives me loads of vegetables but I don’t like them. Sadly I eat some of them or else I’ll go hungry and of course I am a good mommy’s boy. I’ll let you scratch my head if I want to but once I start trusting you I am your baby. Ma stopped giving me monkey nuts as it’s bad for any birds but I do still like some sunflower seeds. I am a very friendly guy and don’t mind other birds around me or in my cage. I am very happy with my new  big cage as I am a big boy. So here I am, this is me, will you be my family? Muaah!!!

Cage: Yes

Location:  Woking, Surrey

Donation fee: £150

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