ASP593 – Fink – Pineapple Conure

Fink is in the process of being adopted


ASP ref: ASP593

Species: Pineapple Conure

Name: Fink

Description: Hi my name is fink and I’m about 3 years old I am a man’s best friend I will blow kisses to get his attention I’m a very quite bird my safehouse mummy never really hears me unless I blow her kisses but when safehouse daddy comes in I’m a little bit louder to get his attention then blow kisses. I step up and will happy sit on his shoulder and get stroked. I’m very nervous when you change my cage around I have a disco ball and bell that I love. I live having my own baths I haven’t tried anything new my safehouse is trying me on different stuff but I turn my beak up to it.

Cage: yes

Location: Dorset

Donation fee: £75

You must be a gold star member to adopt any of the ASP Birds ( see link below )

If you can offer me a home please email


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