ASP580 – Mango – Double Yellow Headed Amazon


ASP Ref: ASP580

Species: Double Yellow Headed Amazon

Name: Mango

Description: Mango is a loving Amazon that prefers males and will bite females at any given chance he gets. He steps up but does nibble on you from time to time. He can be loud at times and does chat away a lot. He eats a good diet of low sunflower seed and fruit and veg, Mango will eat most things. He is ideally suited a male only home or main carer as he will buy femaleS.

Mango doesn’t like other birds and will try to attack them. He needs to be the only bird,

Location: Stoke on Trent

Cage: Yes

Donation fee: £150

You must be a Gold Star member to adopt any of the birds from ASP ( see link below )

If you can offer Mango a home, please email



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