ASP574 – Diego – Black Headed Caique

ASP Reference: ASP574

Name: Diego

Species: Black Headed Caique

Description: Diego is a beautiful young black headed Caique, nearly 3 years old.
He is a “happy chappie” whistling and singing all day long. He enjoys being out of his cage flying around and swooping if not playing on his super play stand. He loves to have fun!
He has been loved and cherished by his previous owner but sadly he recently displayed difficult and and very unfriendly behavior towards her partner.
Diego is DEFINITELY a ladies only bird.
He craves company and wants to be in touch all the time.
He seems to have settle instantly here in safehouse so im sure he will do well in his forever home.
He’s super affectionate and friendly, sometimes a little to friendly due to hormones. A lady who has time to spend with him and lots of time together.
He has a sweet little bedroom in his cage, rather like a hanging tent – and like clockwork Diego retires die the night at 8pm. He starts his new day at 7am and then off he goes playing and enjoying his day!

Cage: Yes

Location: Essex

Donation Fee: £100

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