ASP ref: ASP574
Name: Diego
Species: Black Headed Caique
Diego is a very cuddly bird that wants you to be his soul companion. He loves interacting with you and is extremely playful.
Past History
Diego came into the charity through no fault of his own. Circumstances changed and his previous owners thought it would be better to find a home where he would get lots of attention and the time out he deserved and needed.
He was very much loved.
Under assessment
Diego has been in safehouse for a while now. We have learnt a lot about him and his behaviors’ in this time. He is a typical Caique and loves to clown around and play.
He loves his toys, especially his jingle balls that he throws off the top of his cage while he bounces around waiting for you to throw it back to him.
Caiques are not know for being frequent flyers but Diego will fly if he wants to get to you or an object.
This boy loves human company and will happily sit with you all day long. He loves to sit and play in your hair while you are cleaning and his most happiest in the evening. He loves to snuggle up in your dressing gown with you.
Diego is quite an easy going bird and isn’t feared by anything.
He loves a shower in his travel cage once a week but isn’t keen on being sprayed with a water bottle.
He is not social with other birds as he has taken a dislike to the other birds in his safehouse.
We believe it’s a jealousy thing as he doesn’t like to share his human.
He can also be very territorial and become aggressive if anyone comes in too close a contact to you.
Diego is currently on tidymix which he enjoys!
His favorite fruits are pomegranate and apple.
Vegetables on the other hand are still a work in progress but is offered a good variety daily.
He enjoys cashews and walnut as his preferred treat.
Suitability and experience
Diego is a lovely bird and with the right training he will make a lovely little companion.
Diego will need a female carer as he is not keen on men. He will happily interact with little girls too!
A home where someone is home a lot of the time so he gets the time out of his cage and the attention he so deserves.
He is a very intelligent, strong willed bird and will need training on how to interact properly with you.
A home without other birds as he has been known to attack other birds in his safehouse.
Some bird experience is essential and please only apply if you are 100 % interested. Caiques are not for the faint hearted and he will need a confident handler. He will need lots of structure and routine too.
If you are interested if adoption the please send an email with your interest to
Age 2 years
Cage – Yes (Good clean condition)
Belongings (Toys, perches & table top Java stand)
Location – ESSEX (south east England)

Donation Fee: £100

You must be a gold star member to adopt any of the birds from ASP (see link

If you can offer Diego a forever home, please email


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